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Workers' voices elevated under new TAFE SA 'roadmap' strategy

August 07, 2023

SA Unions welcome today's release of the 'roadmap' for the future of TAFE SA, which promises to prioritise workers' needs and aspirations.

"South Australia faces a skills crisis requiring decisive action from government, business, and the workforce. This roadmap lays the groundwork for restoring TAFE SA to what South Australian workers and the community need," said Dale Beasley, SA Unions Secretary.

The comprehensive strategy outlines a series of transformative steps designed to empower South Australian workers and ensure a more accessible and equitable TAFE education system.

Unions, industry representatives, and community organisations will be involved in the development of a new Strategic Plan for TAFE SA. This collaborative approach is designed to ensure workers' perspectives and needs are at the forefront of the institution's planning and decision-making processes.

"Our TAFE system was practically on life-support after the cuts and mismanagement of only 4 years of a Liberal government. The corporitisation and privatisation of vocational education and training has simply not worked for South Australians," said Beasley.

"Equity in education and training can only be achieved by underpinning it with a strong public institution like TAFE SA. This becomes clearest in regional communities where we see private providers unable to fulfil our skills and training requirements. So, it's great to see more investment in regional skills," said Beasley.

"A well-resourced and equitable TAFE SA has the power to make South Australia's economy more competitive into the future and SA Unions are proud to elevate workers' voices in the spaces where decisions are made that affect their futures," said Beasley.