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Unions call for urgent climate action to secure future jobs

August 18, 2021

Unions call for urgent climate action to secure future jobs

The most recent IPCC report shows Australia has already experienced 1.4 C° warming and faces a future of more extreme weather, bushfires, flooding, and lower winter rainfall in our major cities and agricultural regions.

South Aussie workers are already dealing with the impacts of climate change, be it through rebuilding communities affected by natural disasters, caring for those affected by heatwaves and bushfire smoke, or working in increasingly extreme weather. Those workers know that it’s in our best interests to take urgent action to limit emissions and develop sustainable green jobs.

We note the escalation in campaigning from groups such as School Strike for Climate, and demonstrations from Extinction Rebellion who are planning a blockade in Peterhead, Port Adelaide this week. It’s clear that patience in the community is growing thin. Unions are equally impatient with government inaction on climate change.

Neither our state or federal governments have plans for urgent climate action which address issues of secure future jobs or how to grow the skilled workforce needed to staff the green economy.

The state government’s climate change action plan seeks to engage with businesses and the market but fails to consider the role of the workforce in creating the green economy or transitioning skills into it.

Urgent climate change action must be taken to address warming and extreme weather. That action must be smart, and workers must be supported to transition to the new green economy in a just way with a clear plan.

Quotes attributable to SA Unions Secretary Dale Beasley

“So far the pandemic recovery and action on climate change have had one big thing in common; government responsibility has been devolved to the market. The federal government has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to provide leadership on both."

“The recovery from the pandemic has only created more insecure work. The opportunities are there for South Australia to lead the way on climate action and a transition which benefits our environment, our economy and our workforce. But we need leadership, not blind hope that the market will take care of itself."


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