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Pay rise today for more than 3 million Australian workers

July 01, 2022

Today South Australian Workers will get a pay rise fought for by the union movement at the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review.

Those on the minimum wage, or close to, will receive a 5.2 per cent increase, while those on awards will receive either 4.6 per cent or $40 a week, whichever is higher. The pay rise will take effect from the first full pay period after today.

Inflationary pressures are stretching household budgets to breaking point. South Australians have been hit hardest by the increases to fuel prices, the cost of transport has gone up by over 11% in the last year.

Workers don’t just need this pay increase; we deserve this pay increase.


The superannuation guarantee is also increasing to 10.5% today. This will mean thousands more at retirement for workers, allowing them to retire in comfort and dignity.

Australians are living longer and will need more super at retirement. The union movement is continuing to push to increase the Super Guarantee to 15% as was originally designed when unions won compulsory Superannuation.

“The cost of living is rapidly increasing, and wages haven’t been keeping up, this the first of many steps in the right direction.”

“Workers are consumers and when we can stretch our pay further, our families, businesses and the economy all benefit.”

“Today’s Super Guarantee increase means that workers will have thousands more at retirement, that will allow them to retire in comfort and dignity.”

“Our current system has been failing workers for a long time. Despite low unemployment, high productivity and high profits over many years we have not seen wage increases flow to workers. Working people are feeling the serious consequences of nearly 10 years of inaction by the previous Government."

“Our country needs to look anew at our wage system and decide how to ensure a fair share of wealth flows to working people."