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Early XMAS present for SA's lowest paid, unions win a $41 a week pay rise

December 20, 2022

Today the South Australian Employment Tribunal published their decision for a 5.2% wage increase to the State Workers' minimum wage in the annual State Wage Case. The pay rise is to be back-dated to the 1st of July 2022.

"This pay rise isn't just a nice early Christmas present, it's sorely needed by some of our state's lowest paid workers and will have significant flow-on effects for other workers in South Australia," said Dale Beasley, SA Unions Secretary.

The state wage case determines the minimum wage 'safety net' for employees in the state industrial system (particularly state Public Sector and Local Government employees). There are many agreements that link pay increases to any decision of the annual State Wage Case.

Every year SA Unions argues on behalf of all of these workers for fair increases to the safety net of minimum wages, so that South Australians can say ahead of the rising cost of living.

Back in August, SA Unions were seeking a 5.2% increase to the Public Sector minimum award rates of pay and allowances, in line with the increase to the National Minimum Wage of 5.2% in July.

The current South Australian Minimum adult rate for full time workers is just $786.70 per week. An increase of 5.2% will bring wages up $40.90 a week to $827.60 per week.

The State Government did not oppose the SA Unions' claim for 5.2%, which is in line with the Federal Albanese Government's support for the same percentage increase in July.

"The Malinauskas Labor Government's approach to workers has been like 'night and day' compared to the positions held by the Marshall Liberal Government," said Beasley.

"The government's position to support a 5.2% wage increase sends a strong signal, that they agree, we need to get wages moving again," said Beasley.