SA SOCIETY OF COACHMAKERS (now part of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union SA Branch)

Held By: This large (3.10m x 3.60m) double layered silk taffeta banner is held be the State Library of South Australia. SLSA Catalogue numbers: D 8824/R & D 8824/V

Artist: James Ashton (1859-1935)

Funded By: South Australian Society of Coachmakers (formed 1883)

Produced: c1886

The Adelaide Observer (Saturday 4 September 1886, p. 34) and South Australian Register (Thursday 2 September 1886, p. 5) carry a description of the first march of this banner in their report of Eight Hour Day celebrations:

The principal attraction of the event was doubtless the gorgeous display of banners, which quite eclipsed the displays of previous years…The new banner of the SA Society of Coachmakers is 12.ft. by 10 ft. 6 in. On the front is the emblem of the English and Colonial Societies, with a Latin motto signifying that “after clouds cometh sunshine”. The emblem is a representation of two horses rampant supporting a shield. It contains the South Australian arms, the name of the Society, and the date of its establishment. On the reverse side are two figures typifying “Peace and Plenty”, the motto “United to Assist”, and a large shield with pictures of a landau, buggy, tramcar, and a railway carriage, as specimens of colonial work. There are also four medallions, showing the various branches of the trade – painting, trimming, smithing, and body making. Underneath are views of colonial scenery, with the familiar emu and kangaroo. Over the shield is the South Australian emblem of the rising moon, the name of the Society, and floral emblems. The banner was painted by Mr James Ashton, of Norwood, the total cost being £85 …


Reverse of banner