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Workers will overwhelm health system unless pandemic payment restored

July 07, 2022

The Federal government is under increasing pressure to restore the Pandemic Leave Disaster payment. Unions have been strongly advocating for the payment's reintroduction with the Federal Government.

Labor state governments across the country have already advocated for the Disaster Payment's return. The South Australian Government has yet to come out in support of workers. Unions will welcome any government announcement of support for the reintroduction of the payment.

Our health system is currently in crisis, emergency room waiting times are blowing out.

This current wave of the pandemic was possibly one of the worst times to remove support for workers without leave entitlements.

We are going to see a rapid spread of the virus through workplaces, with expected case numbers to hit 6000 a day.

This is going to be made worse if all the cost of isolating and controlling the spread of COVID in workplaces is thrust upon businesses and workers.

"South Australian Labor Governments have a rich history of standing up to Canberra, now they have another opportunity to lead by calling on the Federal Government to restore the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment."

“We elect Labor Governments to make bold policy and stand up for working people. Now is the SA Government's chance to take a strong stand and help ensure South Aussie workers have the support they need to get through the coming COVID wave."

“Our healthcare system is in crisis and government must use every tool at its disposal to prevent it worsening, this includes encouraging workers and businesses to continue to do the right thing and not spread COVID."