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Marshall Government’s economic management credentials in tatters as unemployment spirals

February 17, 2022

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Marshall Government’s economic management credentials in tatters as unemployment spirals  

SA Unions have called on the Marshall Government to deliver a strong plan for South Australia’s future as new unemployment figures leave the government’s economic credentials in tatters.

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported today, South Australia’s jobless rate has increased sharply to 4.8 per cent, the worst in the nation.

SA Unions Secretary Dale Beasley condemned the Marshall Government’s feeble attempts to disguise today’s horror unemployment figures with an announcement that South Australia had secured the construction of a new data centre, which would deliver a mere 150 jobs.

“Today’s revelation that South Australia has the worst jobless rate in the nation reveals the Marshall Government’s economic management credentials to be a sham.

“Thanks to the Marshall Government’s dismissal of health advice which facilitated the surge of the Omicron variant, December and January has seen 7,300 more South Australian’s thrown on the unemployment scrap heap.

“Youth unemployment has exploded from 7.3 per cent in December to 10.3 per cent in January.

“Shamefully, the Marshall Government’s only response is window dressing – the announcement of 150 jobs, to be delivered at some time in the future, in an IT industry that is notorious for job insecurity and underemployment.

“This comes off the back Steven Marshall and Scott Morrison tearing down the real and tangible high tech jobs provided the Naval Group submarine contract, which was cancelled late last year.”

Mr Beasley said South Australians needed secure, good quality long term jobs, and a detailed plan to deliver them.

“We need investment in high quality education and training that will prepare us for the jobs of the future.

“We need long term investment in renewable industries, high technology manufacturing and other emerging industries that will deliver good quality secure jobs for all South Australians.

“We deserve a strong plan to make our community better and to secure our future.”

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