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State Budget a jobs disaster for South Australia

September 05, 2018

SA Unions says the State Government has delivered a budget with no plan to tackle the impending jobs crisis in South Australia.

State Secretary Joe Szakacs says South Australians don’t want a blame game, they want a real plan to create decent, secure jobs that people can count on.

“They’ve found money to throw at business and the private sector but where is the concrete plan to create jobs for South Australians?

“There are cuts to staff across the public sector – including 61 in child protection, more than 200 in education, the closure of seven TAFE campuses, increases to Housing Trust rents for the some of the most vulnerable people in our community, and the privatisation of prisons and lifesaving medical services in our hospitals.

“The cuts to the health budget are unsustainable in a system which is already overcrowded and overburdened.

“Clearly all the Treasurer has done in the past sixteen years in Opposition is sit in his office in Parliament House, sheltered from the people who actually deliver essential public services to South Australians.

“They are stripping the public sector of the people, knowledge and experience to provide the services we all need.

“We just don’t trust business to do is to create jobs over growing profit. They’ve got a shameful track record.

“This Government is about gifting the assets and intellectual property of South Australia to private operators.

“Once you do that you are at their mercy - just look at what happened when ETSA was sold.”