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International Workers Memorial Day - Tributes to those who have died or been injured at work

April 28, 2017

SA Unions says the International Workers' Memorial Day today is the chance to remember the 132 South Australians who have been killed in work-related incidents during the past decade.

Speaking at a service at the Pilgrim Church this morning, SA Unions State Secretary, Joe Szakacs says the terrible tragedy of these deaths is that families and friends are left behind to grieve.

"This is a day to remember the dead and fight for the living."

"For every person who doesn't come home from work, there are partners, children, mothers and fathers, grandparents, siblings, workmates and friends who will never forget the tragedy of their deaths."

"And for every person who has died, many more are injured and have to live with the lifelong consequences of being injured at work."

Mr Szakacs says what's most concerning is that the number of deaths from work-related incidents is not decreasing.

"And we've seen legislative changes in Canberra - in particular, the reintroduction of the Australian Building and Construction Commission - which waters down safety on worksites and makes it harder for unions to enforce safety laws."

"South Australian workers were sold out by the Liberals, Xenophon and the Australian Conservatives.  These parties cry crocodile tears when it comes to workplace devastation."

Mr Szakacs says the only way to prevent the suffering of families is to make our workplaces safer - and that means tougher laws and better enforcement.