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Adelaide to take part in national rallies against Turnbull's attacks on workers

March 09, 2017

South Australian union members will be rallying in Victoria Square at midday today to oppose the Turnbull Liberal Government's attacks on working people.

Thousands of people are expected to attend protests around the country today - in capital cities and regional centres.

South Australian CFMEU Branch Secretary, Aaron Cartledge says there is growing anger in the community about the continued attacks on working people, their wages and conditions.

"Australians are rallying today because they want to send a strong message to Malcolm Turnbull and his government that 'enough is enough' and they are standing with us and fighting back for fairness and justice."

"First, the Turnbull Government brought back the draconian Australian Building and Construction Commission, which cuts the wages, conditions and safety of construction workers."

"Then cam the penalty rates decisions, which will slash the wages of hundreds of thousands of the lowest paid workers in the country - including half a million women."

"We are also fighting a growing casualisation of the workforce, and rampant wage theft by bad employers."

"South Australian unions, their members and supporters are marching today to stand up for working people across Australia who are doing it tougher than ever before."

"At a time when business profits have soared to a 15 year high, it is clear that the Government is siding with the rich and powerful to line their pockets with bigger profits at the expense of working people."

"The fight is not just about working people - the Turnbull Government is going after the unemployed families, people with disabilities and pensioners - and the union movement stands with them, too."