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Workers Compensation Service

The Workers Compensation Service (WCS) provides dispute resolution and advocacy services free of charge to eligible workers who need assistance with disputes about their workers compensation claims.

Ground Floor
170 Greenhill Road, Parkside SA 5063
Ph  8279 2220
Fax 8279 2219


This free and confidential service is backed by more than 100 years of union expertise and experience and will enable workers to continue to have their cases managed independently. All representation provided by the Workers Compensation Service is given exclusively on behalf of and for the benefit of you, the injured worker.

If you are unhappy with a determination or decision made on your claim you are entitled to challenge it. Contact the Workers Compensation Service for assistance if you are uncertain.

The Workers Compensation Service is a real asset to SA Unions and workers and will enable SA Unions to constantly strengthen our knowledge of the workers compensation system and find ways to improve the treatment of injured workers and assist their healthy and safety return to work.

Contact the Workers Compensation Service : 8279 2220

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