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    14 March 2017

    SA Unions says the Premier's energy plan released today will not only secure our renewable energy future but will create jobs n the energy and construction sectors.

    President of SA Unions, Jamie Newlyn, has welcomed news that the plan will create 630 jobs.

    "The new jobs involved in the construction of the planned 250 MW gas-fired power plant will be just the beginning."

    "There will be extra jobs in gas production, in the renewable energy industry and in flow-on jobs."

    And importantly, working families will see fewer blackouts and cheaper energy prices which will lead to more confidence in our power supply, which is good for jobs and good for local industry.

    "The privatisation of ETSA in the 1990's led to our power supply being handed over to the private market, which has turned out to be a disaster."

    "We congratulate the State Government for taking back control of our energy market to restore security, which is important for jobs and investment, and to put downward pressure on prices, which is good for working people and their household budgets."


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