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    30 November 2016

    SA Unions has arranged an urgent meeting with Premier Jay Weatherill this afternoon to urge him to keep fighting for more environmental flows for the River Murray.

    Attending the meeting with SA Unions will be SACOSS, the Conservation Council SA, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

    State Secretary, Joe Szakacs says the deal struck in Federal Parliament between the Prime Minister and Senator Nick Xenophon has dudded the River and dudded all South Australians.

    "South Australians haven't been fooled by Senator Xenophon's posturings on a "deal" with the Prime Minister.

    "All he's managed to get out of Mr Turnbull is a meeting and more red tape."

    "That won't save the River or create one single job for South Australians.  A healthy river is not only good for the environment but it's critical for economic activity and job creation."

    "We don't know how the Member for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie will be able to show her face in her electorate after this dud deal."

    "All this talk won't deliver one single litre of water down the Murray."

    Mr Szakacs says not only has Senator Xenophon dudded South Australia on the Murray, but he's stabbed one million working Australians in the back to do it.

    "All this horse-trading about legislation is also a smokescreen to hide his support for the passage of the Australian Building and Construction Commission legislation, which sells out one million Australian workers."

    "If Senator Xenophon thinks that he can pull the wool over the eyes of South Australians, he's been in Canberra too long."



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