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      Equal Opportunity Campaign

    Dear Supporter

    It's Time to Lobby

    The Government's Equal Opportunity Bill is currently being considered by the Liberal party room.  It is important that members of the community lobby their local Members of Parliament, and other important Liberal figures, to ensure that this legislation is passed.  A list of Liberals is included at the bottom of this page.

    This legislation proposes a number of changes to bring our anti-discrimination laws in line with interstate and Federal law.  Key changes include:

    • Caring responsibilities - SA is the only state where this protection is not available
    • Broadening the definition of disability to cover mental illness - again SA is the only state not to cover this type of disability
    • Strengthening sexual harassment provisions, particularly at work and in schools

    Most of the Bill is aimed at catching SA up with the rest of the country.  Indeed business already has to comply with many of the proposed changes as they are already covered by Federal law.

    South Australians deserve to be protected by modern discrimination laws.

    I urge you to contact the Liberals to have your voice heard [Please make sure that any lobbying emails to Members of Parliament are sent from personal (not work-based) email addresses].

    If you have any queries about the legislation, you can direct them to Janet Giles at

    List of Liberals [*Members of the House of Assembly are listed alphabetically by electorate]

    Vickie Chapman
    Member for Bragg
    Iain Evans
    Member for Davenport
    Liz Penfold
    Member for Flinders
    Michael Pengilly
    Member for Finniss
    Rob Kerin
    Member for Frome
    Steven Griffiths
    Member for Goyder
    Adrian Pederick
    Member for Hammond
    Isobel Redmond
    Member for Heysen
    Mark Goldsworthy
    Member for Kavel
    Michael Williams
    member for MacKillop
    Duncan McFetridge
    Member for Morphett
    Ivan Venning
    Member for Schubert
    Graham Gunn
    Member for Stuart
    David Pisoni
    Member for Unley
    Martin Hamilton-Smith
    Member for Waite
    Michelle Lensink
    Member of the Legislative Council
    Stephen Wade
    Member of the Legislative Council



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